§ 4-8-105.  Exemption from purchasing laws.
   (a)   Definition. In this section, "authorized infrastructure" means infrastructure:
      (1)   to be owned by the County and constructed or otherwise provided by a subdivider or other developer under a public works agreement or similar agreement with the County; or
      (2)   to be owned by a governmental entity or agency other than the County.
   (b)   Exemption. Unless otherwise provided in an ordinance described in § 4-8-102 or in a resolution described in § 4-8-103, the provisions of §§ 4-8-101 et seq. do not apply to actions authorized by any such ordinance or resolution in the exercise of the powers conferred on the County by Local Government Article, §§ 21-501 et seq., of the State Code, including the execution and delivery by the County of an acquisition, development, or similar agreement providing for the financing, construction, or acquisition of authorized infrastructure to be financed from the proceeds of bonds to be issued under the authority of Local Government Article, §§ 21-501 et seq., of the State Code.
(1985 Code, Art. 6, § 4A-105)  (Bill No. 116-97; Bill No. 61-99)