§ 15-2-201.  Scope.
   (a)   Applicability. This subtitle applies to equipment and the installation of electrical equipment for light, heat, or power in or on public or private buildings, structures, or premises, including yards, carnival lots, parking lots, and industrial substations, and to power supply to radio and television transmitting and receiving systems in or on buildings, structures, or premises.
   (b)   Inapplicability. This subtitle does not apply to work performed by employees or agents of electric light and power companies, electric railway companies, telegraph or telephone companies, on the companies' buildings, plants, installations, or systems; work performed by employees of the State or the United States government on State or federal buildings, plants, installations, or systems; or electrical installations in ships, boats, automobiles, trucks, or vehicles other than trailers being used for residential or office use, or repairs to any electrical installations in them.
(1985 Code, Art. 20, § 3-101)