§ 3-8A-110. Powers.
   (a)   Generally. Except as limited by its articles of incorporation, the Resilience Authority has all the powers under this title.
   (b)   Enumerated. The Resilience Authority has and may exercise all powers necessary or convenient to undertake, finance, manage, acquire, own, convey, or support resilience infrastructure projects, including, but not limited to, the power to:
      (1)   acquire by purchase, lease, or other legal means, but not by eminent domain, property for resilience infrastructure;
      (2)   establish, construct, alter, improve, equip, repair, maintain, operate, and regulate resilience infrastructure owned by the County, the City of Annapolis, or the Resilience Authority;
      (3)   receive money from the County, the City of Annapolis, the State, other governmental units, or private organizations;
      (4)   charge and collect fees for its services;
      (5)   subject to the approval of the County Executive and by resolution of the County Council, and the City of Annapolis, charge and collect fees to support its bond issuances;
      (6)   have employees and consultants as it considers necessary;
      (7)   engage the services of other governmental units;
      (8)   act as necessary or convenient to carry out the powers granted by law;
      (9)   sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, complain and defend in all courts of competent jurisdiction; and
      (10)   draft and approve by-laws for the management and regulation of its affairs, which will be provided upon approval or revision to each appointing authority.
(Bill No. 31-21)