§ 16-2-203. Attached garages; accessory structures.
   (a)   Scope. This section applies to attached garages and to all accessory structures, including detached garages, of less than 600 square feet, except that it does not apply to piers or structures for the wet storage of watercraft if the piers or storage structures do not contain habitable space.
   (b)   One-story structures of 300 square feet or less. A one-story accessory structure of 300 square feet or less may be constructed below the flood protection elevation if:
      (1)   the structure is used for parking, storage, or building access only;
      (2)   the floor elevation is at or above existing grade and does not qualify as a basement and is equipped with flood equalization vents in accordance with the applicable provisions of the International Building Code or the International Residential Code as required by Article 15 of this Code;
      (3)   the structure is constructed and located so as to minimize flood damage; and
      (4)   the structure is firmly anchored to prevent flotation.
   (c)   Other accessory structures and garages; non-conversion agreement. The developer of a two-story accessory structure, an attached garage, or an accessory structure that has more than 300 square feet shall comply with the requirements of subsection (b) and execute a non-conversion agreement provided by the County that prohibits conversion of the area to habitable space unless elevated to the flood protection elevation. The agreement shall be recorded among the land records.
(Bill No. 58-10)