§ 16-2-101. Scope; overlay.
   (a)   Scope. Except as provided in subsection (b), this title applies to all development, new construction and substantial improvements to existing structures in a floodplain district. An application for subdivision or for a building or grading permit is an application for development under this title.
   (b)   Exception. This title does not apply to a water quality improvement project if an engineering study, provided by a design professional and approved by the Department, evaluates the effects of any construction using the applicable FEMA 100-year flood and floodway data and includes a certification that the flood-carrying capacity within the watercourse or stream will not be affected, or that flood-carrying capacity changes are approved by FEMA.
   (c)   Overlay. This title is an overlay that applies to all land located in the County.
(Bill No. 58-10; Bill No. 10-23)