§ 9-1-601. Possession or discharge of firearms.
   (a)   Definition. In this section, "firearm" includes a rifle, handgun, or shotgun as those terms are defined in the Criminal Law Article, § 4-201, of the State Code.
   (b)   Scope. This section does not apply to a police officer acting in the line of duty.
   (c)   Prohibition. A person may not discharge a firearm within 100 yards of a structure or camp occupied by human beings or commonly used by human beings without the written permission of the owner, occupant, or lessee of the structure or camp.
   (d)   Prohibition; exceptions.
      (1)   A person may not discharge a firearm on any property owned by the County, except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection.
      (2)   This subsection does not apply to:
         (i)   an individual who sells property to the County and subsequently occupies or has a right to use the property under a lease or license agreement with the County that permits the discharge of firearms by that individual on the property; or
         (ii)   a person acting with permission granted pursuant to a wildlife management agreement, and in accordance with Article 14 of this Code.
   (e)   Prohibition. A person may not possess or discharge a firearm on the property of another unless, at the time of the possession or discharge of the firearm, the person has the express written permission of the owner, occupant, or lessee of the property on which the firearm is possessed or discharged. The written permission shall be signed by the owner, occupant, or lessee; shall include the dates on which the possession or discharge is authorized; and shall specify the parcel or property for which permission is granted. The written permission shall identify the persons for whom permission is granted, and the permission may not be transferred to another person or inferred or implied to include companions of authorized persons. When properly executed, a writing substantially in the following form is sufficient to constitute the written permission required by this subsection:
"I, ________ (owner, occupant, or lessee) hereby authorize ________ to possess or discharge any weapon or firearm on my property known as ________ and such permission is granted for the following time(s): ________________________________________________________.
                           (owner, occupant, or lessee)"
(1985 Code, Art. 11, § 4-101) (Bill No. 60-03; Bill No. 23-04; Bill No. 77-08)