§ 4-7-101. Provisions relating to all districts.
   (a)   Definition. In this title, "owner" has the meaning stated in § 1-1-101 and, in addition, means each person in whose name an account with respect to a parcel of real property stands in the records of the Supervisor of Assessments for the County when a petition is submitted under this title.
   (b)   Signatures. A person is entitled to one signature for each tax account with respect to a lot or parcel of real property within a district for which that person is an owner. The signature of the co-owners is required to constitute the signature of the owner of the property. An authorized officer of a corporation or other business entity may sign on behalf of the entity.
   (c)   Advertising. The County Council shall give notice by public advertisement of a proposed district at least once a week for four weeks in at least one newspaper of general circulation in the County. Costs of advertising to establish, amend, modify, or dissolve a district shall be borne by the property owners in the district.
   (d)   Administration by civic or community association. Except as otherwise provided for a particular district, the administration of the district shall be conducted by a civic or community association that is an incorporated association and that provides for membership for each property owner in the district. If more than one association seeks to administer the same district, the district shall be administered by the civic or community association that presents to the Budget Officer a petition that is signed by a majority of the property owners in the district and that supports administration of the district by that association.
   (e)   Administrative charge. An administrative charge of 5% of the taxes collected shall be withheld by the Controller from each district's disbursement and shall be paid over to the general fund of the County. The administrative charge shall not be less than $100 nor more than $2,000 for a district's fiscal year.
   (f)   Bond. The Treasurer or other fiscal officer of each community association administering a special community benefit district, a shore erosion control district, or a waterway improvement district shall file with the Controller a bond in an amount not less than the total amount of the funds budgeted to be disbursed to the community association plus the balance held by the community association. The bond shall be in a form approved by the Controller conditioned on the faithful performance of duties by the Treasurer or other fiscal officer.
   (g)   Special account. The Controller shall deposit the tax collections from the districts in a special account and shall release the funds only as provided in this title.
   (h)   Collection. A tax that is assessed and levied by the County Council in an ordinance shall be collected as provided in § 1-9-101 of this Code.
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