All vehicle parking areas shall be fully paved and surfaced with a solid material such as concrete or asphalt, so as to eliminate dust and shall be further improved as follows:
   .010   Adjacent to Residential Zones or Residential Uses.  A solid decorative type masonry wall not less than six (6) feet in height nor greater than eight (8) feet in height shall be provided adjacent to any non-residential parking area that abuts any residentially zoned or residentially used lot. 
      .0101   Where such parking area is adjacent to the front setback of the residentially zoned or residentially used lot, the wall shall be reduced to thirty-six (36) inches in height to a depth equal to the required front setback depth of the adjoining residential property. 
      .0102   Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a lower height is required by the line-of-sight triangle as shown on the applicable Engineering Standard Details pertaining to arterial highway and commercial driveway approaches, the provisions of said standard detail shall prevail. 
      .0103   The vertical extension, maintenance and/or repair of any section of any wall which is visible from the public right-of-way (excluding alleys) or from non-industrially zoned property shall be of the same material, color, and design as the wall to which it is attached to ensure that the wall maintains a consistent appearance.  Repainting, replastering or other maintenance shall be applied to the entire visible portion of the wall. 
   .020   Adjacent to Street Frontages.  In instances where fences or walls are not required, a suitable concrete curb not less than six (6) inches in height shall be securely installed and maintained adjacent to the boundary of any parking area abutting a street in a manner such that vehicles may not encroach or intrude into the public right-of-way, required landscaped setback or pedestrian walkway as shown on the applicable City Standards pertaining to minimum off-street parking dimensions.
   .030   Lighting of Parking Areas.
      .0301   All improved parking areas shall be provided with a minimum lighting measurement of one (1) foot-candle, with a minimum 15:1 uniformity ratio across the parking areas.
      .0302   Any lights provided to illuminate parking areas adjoining residential premises shall be so arranged and directed as to reflect the light away from adjoining residential premises and shall not exceed a height of twelve (12) feet. The City may require adjustments to the light fixture shielding at the time of final inspection to satisfy this requirement.
   .040   Landscaping of Parking Areas. Landscaping for parking areas shall comply with Chapter 18.46 (Landscaping).
   .050   Parking Area Restrictions. Parking lots are intended to provide for the temporary parking of vehicles in connection with the primary permitted uses. Such parking areas shall not be used for outdoor storage, storage of trailers or non-motorized vehicles, automobile washing or detailing, automobile repair or maintenance, storage of inoperable vehicles, display of vehicles for sale or rent, or advertising on vehicles or trailers. This subsection is not intended to limit permitted activities in connection with special event permits issued for the primary use.
   .060   Surface Conditions. Minor modification in the requirement for paving with “solid material”, to use adequate depth and type of gravel or similar material, may be approved by the Planning Director and Public Works Department, provided justification for deviation is provided and an approved grading permit showing this design is obtained. 
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