Except as otherwise provided herein, the following minimum standards shall apply:
   .010   Minimum Dimensions of Vehicle Accessways.  The minimum turning radius of any vehicle accessway shall be in accordance with the applicable City Standards pertaining to minimum off-street parking dimensions; provided, further, that all covered or enclosed residential parking spaces shall have a minimum clear vertical access height of not less than nine (9) feet.
   .020   Driveway Locations for Single-Family Residences.
      .0201   Driveway locations for single-family residences shall comply with the Planning Standard (Driveway Locations for Single-Family Residences), as approved by the Planning Director.  The curb cut shall be approved by the Public Works Department.
      .0202   Single-family residences that have legal access to a public alley shall not take vehicle access directly onto a public street unless the Planning Director determines that at least one of the following conditions exist:
         .01   That access to the public alley is not feasible because of existing permanent obstructions that preclude access to code-required parking; or
         .02   That a minimum of seventy-five percent (75%) of the lots within 1,000 feet and on the same side of the street have direct vehicle access to the public street.
      .0203   The decision of the Planning Director may be appealed to the Planning Commission pursuant to Chapter 18.60 (Procedures).
   .030   Gated Vehicular Accessways.  Gated vehicular accessways shall comply with the applicable City Standards pertaining to vehicular accessways.
   .040   Minimum Dimensions of Parking Spaces.  All parking spaces shall be designed, improved and maintained in compliance with the applicable City Standards pertaining to disabled person’s parking, minimum off-street parking dimensions, and parking dimensions for structures.
   .050   Screening. Any required covered parking spaces shall be visually screened by solid components amounting to not less than fifty percent (50%) of each wall. Such screening may consist of solid walls, wood latticework, or other architectural devices.
   .060   Parking Surfaces. All vehicle parking and outdoor storage areas shall be fully paved with a solid materials, such as concrete or asphalt.  (Ord. 5920  1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 5998 § 39; October 25, 2005:  Ord. 6000 § 4; November 8, 2005:  Ord. 6031 § 35; August 22, 2006:  Ord. 6286 § 31; September 3, 2013.)