18.30.020   APPLICABILITY.
   .010   The (DMU) Overlay Zone covers an area consisting of approximately thirty-five and forty-seven-hundredths (35.47) acres, generally located between Lincoln Avenue on the north, Broadway on the south, Anaheim Boulevard on the east, and Harbor Boulevard on the west.  The boundaries of the (DMU) Overlay Zone are delineated and legally described and depicted in attached Attachment A, entitled "Legal Description and Depiction of DMU Overlay Zone Property."
   .020   Application to Area.  The (DMU) Overlay Zone may be combined with any zone ("underlying zone") within the area described in subsection .010.
   .030   Applicable Regulations.  The provisions of this chapter shall apply in addition to and, where inconsistent with, shall supersede the corresponding regulations of the underlying zones, except as provided below.
   .040   Option to Use Underlying Zone.  The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to parcels that have been, or are proposed to be, developed entirely under the underlying zone; provided that all requirements of the underlying zone are met by the project, except as otherwise specifically approved by variance or other official action by the City.
   .050   Redevelopment Project Area. All applications submitted to the Planning and Building Department of the City of Anaheim for projects lying within the (DMU) Overlay Zone that also lie within the boundaries of the Alpha Downtown Redevelopment Project Area shall be forwarded to the Community and Economic Development Department for review.  The Director of Community and Economic Development (the “Director”) shall review each application and meet and consult with the applicant with respect to land use compatibility and the design features of the proposed project and may propose changes, where the Director deems it to be appropriate, in order to promote high-quality urban design.  From time to time the Director may propose, the Planning Commission shall review, and the City Council may adopt, design guidelines to assist in the review of such applications.
   .060   Legal Nonconforming Uses.
      .0601   Notwithstanding the provisions of Chapter 18.56 (Nonconformities), a use allowed by this chapter may be allowed on the same lot as a legally created use in existence on August 19, 2003, that is prohibited by this chapter, provided that such original use has been continuously in operation since August 19, 2003.
      .0602   A legally created use in existence on August 19, 2003, that:  (a) is prohibited by the provisions of this chapter; and (b) was approved subject to a time limitation, shall be eligible for reinstatement, pursuant to the provisions of Section 18.60.180 of Chapter 18.60 (Procedures), notwithstanding any requirement that, before a conditional use permit may be reinstated, a finding must be made that the use is one for which a conditional use permit is authorized.  (Ord. 5920  1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 5998 § 18; October 5, 2005:  Ord. 6352, § 3; December 15, 2015:  Ord. 6357 § 2; February 9, 2016.)