Requests for reinstatement or renewal of a time-limited permit shall be accompanied by an application form and the required filing fee.
   .010   Processing. Permit reinstatement or renewal requests shall be processed in the same manner as the original application, and the Planning Commission shall be the approval authority for Planning Commission or City Council decisions, and the Planning Director shall be the approval authority for Planning Director or prior Zoning Administrator decisions.
   .020   Time Period. Upon application for an extension, the expiration of the permit shall be stayed until a formal action has been taken on the extension request, but in no event for more than one (1) year.
   .030   Findings. An approval for an extension shall be granted only upon the applicant presenting evidence to establish the following findings:
      .0301   The facts necessary to support each and every finding for the original approval of the entitlement as set forth in this chapter exist;
      .0302   The permit is being exercised substantially in the same manner and in conformance with all conditions and stipulations originally approved;
      .0303   The permit is being exercised in a manner not detrimental to the particular area and surrounding land uses, nor to the public peace, health, safety and general welfare; and
      .0304   With regard only to any deletion of a time limitation, such deletion is appropriate because it has been demonstrated that the use has operated in a manner that is appropriate in the underlying zone and the surrounding area, and that the periodic review of the use is no longer necessary and/or that it can be determined that, due to changed circumstances, the use is consistent with the City's long-term plans for the area.
   .040   Approval Term. If a permit reinstatement or renewal is granted, the new approval term shall be established by the approval authority, at its discretion, and shall begin immediately after the original expiration date. (Ord. 5920 1 (part); June 8, 2004: Ord. 6156 § 32; September 22, 2009: Ord. 6286 § 40; September 3, 2013.)