The provisions of this section apply within the area designated as a Boulevard Residential District.
   .010   Description and Purpose.  This district is intended to encourage planned residential development on minimum one (1)-acre project sites of attached single-family, townhouse-style housing, fronting on South Anaheim Boulevard and incorporating a rear access and service alley.  Over time, these residential uses are intended to replace commercial and manufacturing uses along portions of South Anaheim Boulevard.
   .020   Additional Uses.  In addition to the uses permitted by the underlying zone, the following buildings, structures and uses, either singly or in combination, are permitted.
      .0201   Single-family attached housing at densities not to exceed eighteen (18) dwelling units per acre.
      .0202   The following accessory buildings and temporary uses adjunct to the Boulevard Residential dwelling units shall be permitted only at the rear of parcels:
         .01   Required detached or attached, covered or enclosed parking spaces.  For lots one hundred ten (110) feet or greater in depth, detached, covered or enclosed parking shall be located adjacent to the required public alley setback described in paragraph .0301.03 below.
         .02   Hobby space or workshop for private use, home office and/or home business, recreation room, and/or storage.
         .03   Temporary real estate tract office and signage, in compliance with Sections 18.36.060 and 18.44.190, and as stipulated in the underlying zone.
         .04   Temporary Contractor's office and/or storage in compliance with Section 18.38.105.
   .030   Site Development Standards.
      .0301   Building Site Requirements.  All provisions of Chapter 18.06 (Multiple-Family Residential Zones) for the RM-2 Multiple-Family Residential Zone shall apply, in addition to the following:
         .01   Minimum project site of one (1) net acre shall be required.
         .02   Minimum project frontage of one (1) block shall extend from public street to public street.
         .03   Each Boulevard Residential dwelling unit shall be sited on a minimum twenty-five (25) foot wide lot, with frontage on Anaheim Boulevard and rear alley access.
         .04   Minimum lot depth shall be ninety (90) feet.
      .0302   Structural Height and Area Limitation.
         .01   Adjacent to Anaheim Boulevard, the height of a primary Boulevard Residential dwelling unit above finished grade shall not exceed thirty (30) feet.  Uninhabited architectural projections, such as roof gables, roof peaks and parapets, may extend above this height limit in conformance with Chapter 18.40 (General Development Standards).
         .02   Adjacent to rear alleys, the height of an accessory building to a Boulevard Residential unit shall not exceed one (1) story.
         .03   Maximum site coverage by all residential and accessory buildings is seventy percent (70%) for lots less than one hundred ten (110) feet in depth, and sixty percent (60%) for lots equal to or greater than one hundred ten (110) feet in depth.
         .04   All other provisions of Chapter 18.06 (Multiple-Family Residential Zones) for the RM-2 Multiple-Family Residential Zone shall apply to this Boulevard Residential use.
      .0303   Structural Setback and Yard Requirements.
         .01   Adjacent to Anaheim Boulevard, a minimum front yard setback of not less than seventeen (17) feet wide shall be required, as measured from the front property line.
         .02   A minimum two (2) foot wide landscape setback is required between the sidewalk and front fence, to be maintained as common area.
         .03   Adjacent to public alleys, a minimum setback of not less than eight (8) feet wide, as measured from the property line to the fence or structure, shall be required.
         .04   For lots with a depth greater than or equal to one hundred ten (110) feet, a minimum fifteen (15) foot wide landscaped rear setback, located between the dwelling unit and any accessory building, shall be required, providing no less than three hundred seventy-five (375) square feet of usable recreational/leisure space.
         .05   Each dwelling unit shall be provided a total of not less than five hundred (500) square feet of usable open space.  Required open space may be provided through elevated decks or terraces, which decks or terraces shall not exceed one hundred twenty-five (125) square feet of the total, requisite usable open space.
         .06   For lots less than one hundred ten (110) feet in depth, a minimum twenty (20) foot rear yard and parking area shall be required.
         .07   Garages and accessory buildings separate from the primary dwelling unit shall maintain a minimum five (5) foot wide side setback along one side of the property line.
         .08   At corner lots with side yards abutting a roadway, a minimum fifteen (15) feet wide setback shall be provided and maintained as common area.
         .09   For lots adjacent to non-residential land uses, a minimum five (5) foot wide setback shall be provided and maintained as common area.
      .0304   Required Improvement of Yards and Setback Areas.
         .01   Landscaped areas visible from public rights-of-way shall be designed and installed as part of the common area, and maintained by the homeowner's association of each project.
         .02   A minimum of one thirty-six (36) inch box tree shall be provided and maintained in the front yard of each dwelling unit, pursuant to the Master Landscape Plan for South Anaheim Boulevard.
         .03   A minimum of one twenty-four (24) inch box tree shall be provided and maintained within the required alley setback.
         .04   For lots less than one hundred ten (110) feet in depth, the rear yard and allowed parking and circulation areas shall use decorative hardscape materials, such as colored and/or stamped concrete, brick, pavers and other similar materials, and shall landscape any area not used for parking.
      .0305   Vehicular Access and Off-Street Parking Requirements.  Notwithstanding any other provisions of this title to the contrary, Chapter 18.42 (Parking and Loading) shall apply, with the following exceptions:
         .01   Vehicular access to Boulevard Residential lots shall be restricted to rear alleys.
         .02   Parking, including required guest parking, may be provided in tandem configuration.
      .0306   Required Site Screening/Walls and Fences.  The provisions of subsection (Required Fences and Walls) of Chapter 18.46 (Landscaping and Screening) shall apply with the following exceptions:
         .01   Adjacent to arterial highways, a maximum four (4)-foot-high, open-view fencing or combination solid/open fence shall be required along the front yard.  The solid wall portion of the fence shall be limited to a maximum of eighteen (18) inches in height, with open-view fencing above.
         .02   A maximum six (6)-foot-high fence shall be provided along each side of the property line, with the following conditions:  (i) when the side yard fence is located in the front yard setback, the fence shall not exceed five (5) feet in height, and shall be either an open-view fence or a combination solid/open fence, with the same design as the front yard fence; and (ii) the side yard fencing located between the rear and front yard setbacks shall be constructed of solid materials.
         .03   When an accessory building is not provided at the rear setback line, a maximum six (6)-foot-high, solid wall, incorporating a minimum six (6)-foot-high, automated gate, shall be provided at the rear setback line.  The gate shall be automatically controlled, with one minimum six (6) foot stationery section attached at each side of the required side yard wall fence, and two (2) moveable six (6) foot sections on rollers, which open parallel to, and behind, each stationery section.  Alternate automatic gate designs shall be subject to review and approval of the City's Traffic and Transportation Manager.
         .04   Solid walls shall be constructed of stucco over block, brick, river rock, painted wood or other materials compatible with the materials and colors used for the primary residential structure.
      .0307   Other Provisions.  The following additional provisions apply to Boulevard Residential dwelling units:
         .01   The front facade of Boulevard Residential dwelling units shall be architecturally enhanced with variations, including facade depth, window proportions and mullions, bays, materials, roof and parapet lines, and other details, such as cornices, belt courses and color.
         .02   Covenants, conditions and restrictions shall be established for the maintenance of all common landscaping areas, as described in subsection .0304.01 above.
         .03   Each dwelling unit located adjacent to arterial highways shall incorporate a front porch, with a minimum area of forty-five (45) square feet and a minimum depth of five (5) feet.  This front porch shall not encroach into the required front setback.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)