.010   Emergency Exception. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Chapter, the General Manager may grant special permission to any Person, on such terms as the General Manager may deem appropriate, in the case of emergency or unusual circumstances, to erect temporary Overhead Facilities so long as the subject Overhead Facilities will not adversely impact public health, safety, and welfare.
   .020   Appeals. The applicant aggrieved or affected by the determination of the General Manager with respect to the granting, denial, or conditional approval of an exception under Section 17.24.080 of this Chapter may appeal the decision to the Public Utilities Hearing Board.
   An appeal shall be in writing and shall be filed with the Public Utilities Hearing Board within ten days after the mailing of a notice of decision by the General Manager. The appeal shall state the grounds therefor.
   The Public Utilities Hearing Board shall consider the appeal within forty-five days following the filing of the appeal, unless on the date set for such consideration, the Public Utilities Hearing Board, for cause or at the request of the applicant, continues the matter. The Public Utilities Hearing Board may reverse, or wholly or partly affirm, or may modify the decision of the General Manager, and may make such decisions or may impose such conditions as the facts warrant with respect to the appeal. The decision of the Public Utilities Hearing Board shall be final.
   Notice of the Public Utilities Hearing Board's decision shall be mailed to the applicant. (Ord. 5281 § 1 (part); January 14, 1992: Ord. 6416 § 3 (part); August 15, 2017.)