17.24.070 EXEMPTIONS.
   This Chapter and any resolution adopted pursuant to Section 17.24.060 of this Chapter shall, unless otherwise provided in such resolution, not apply to the following types of facilities:
   .010   Poles used for street lighting, traffic signals, or other types of traffic management;
   .020   Overhead wires attached to the exterior surfaces of a building by means of a bracket or other fixture and extending on one location of the building to another location on the same building or to an adjacent building without crossing any public street;
   .030   Overhead Facilities determined, in writing, by the Commission or other agency having regional, state, or federal jurisdiction to be exempt from undergrounding at the Utility's cost;
   .040   Surface-mounted Underground Facilities;
   .050   Temporary poles, overhead wires, and associated overhead structures used or to be used in conjunction with construction projects; or
   .060   Repair, replacement, improvement, modernization, or upgrading of existing Overhead Facilities not within an Underground District created pursuant to Section 17.24.060 and only where such repair, replacement, improvement, modernization, or upgrading does not change the location or character of such Overhead Facilities. (Ord. 5281 § 1 (part); January 14, 1992: Ord. 6416 § 3 (part); August 15, 2017.)