.010   Any Person with Overhead Facilities in or through the City shall at its own expense and in a timely manner complete any demolition, alteration, or construction necessary and supply any materials and equipment needed to comply with the provisions of this Chapter. Notwithstanding the foregoing, with respect to Overhead Facilities located on private property (within an Underground Utility District) for which the City has issued a discretionary development permit that is conditioned, among other things, upon removal of such Overhead Facilities, the Utility and the owner of the private property shall be jointly and severally responsible for the demolition, alteration, or construction (including the supply of materials and equipment) necessary to comply with the provisions of this Chapter.
   .020   Underground construction by any Person shall be accomplished in accordance with established construction standards, including those adopted by the Department, and in accordance with any applicable standards and federal, state, and local codes and regulations pertaining to underground construction and installation standards and shall be completed within the timeframe for removal of Overhead Facilities specified in or established pursuant to this Chapter or resolution. (Ord. 5281 § 1 (part); January 14, 1992: Ord. 6416 § 3 (part); August 15, 2017.)