17.08.071 PARCEL MAP — WAIVER.
   The requirement that a parcel map be filed as imposed by Section 17.08.070 of this chapter may be waived where the advisory agency determines that the proposed division of land complies with the requirements established by the Subdivision Map Act and this chapter as to area, improvement and design, floodwater drainage control, appropriate improved public roads, sanitary disposal facilities, water supply availability, environmental protection, and other requirements of the Subdivision Map Act and this chapter.
   Where the requirement for a parcel map is waived pursuant to this section, a tentative map may be required by the advisory agency. (Ord. 3737 § 1; July 19, 1977: Ord. 3782 § 1; November 1, 1977: Ord. 4354 § 1 (part); July 27, 1982: Ord. 4355 § 1 (part); August 3, 1982.)