.010   Purpose of Chapter. The City recognizes the need to use crib walls and/or retaining walls when necessary in conjunction with grading in the Hillside Area. In the use of crib walls and retaining walls, it is essential to require certain standards in order to preserve the natural beauty of the Hillside Area. These standards address aesthetic conditions and are imposed in addition to any applicable permit and other requirements for crib walls and retaining walls.
   .020   Requirements. The following requirements shall be used in the design of crib walls and retaining walls:
   .0201   Maximum height shall be ten feet.
   .0202   A brow ditch shall be constructed at the top of the wall with additional drainage facilities required.
   .0203   All crib walls and retaining walls shall be constructed with landscaping and irrigation facilities. The landscaping and irrigation facilities shall be included on the landscaping and irrigation plan to be approved by the Planning Department prior to issuance of the grading permit. For crib walls, a "mist" irrigation system at the top of the wall is preferred but a "drip" irrigation system is an acceptable alternative. Landscaping of retaining walls shall include bushes and trees planted and maintained in a manner to screen the retaining wall from public view. It is also desirable to plant vines at the base of the retaining wall which will cling to the concrete or masonry blocks. A covenant, in a form acceptable to the City Attorney, shall be recorded in the Office of the Orange County Recorder to provide for the continuing maintenance of the landscaping and irrigation facilities.
   .030   Deviation from Requirements in Subsection Plans for proposed crib or retaining walls deviating from the standards in Subsection must be approved by the City Engineer or City Council pursuant to this chapter prior to approval of grading plans or permits. (Ord. 5092 § 1; February 6, 1990.)