14.30.020 DEFINITIONS.
   The words, terms and phrases used in this chapter shall have the following meanings:
   .010   "Business" means any sale of or offer to sell, or purchase of or offer to purchase, any product, commodity, item or service of any kind or nature.
   .020   "Charitable contributions or alms" means the obtaining of an immediate donation of money or other thing of value, whether for personal use, or as a contribution to a charitable organization, or for any other purpose.
   .030   "Roadway" means that area within any public street right-of-way which is designed, improved or ordinarily used for vehicular traffic and traffic related improvements, including without limitation any median islands, traffic divider areas, bicycle lanes, safety zones, crosswalks and curbs.
   .040   "Solicit or attempt to solicit" means and includes any act of requesting, offering or announcing by any means including, without limitation, any oral or written communication or gesture.
   .050   "Street" means and includes any public street, highway or alley within the City of Anaheim.
   .060   "Vehicle" means as defined in Section 670 of the California Vehicle Code or any successor provision thereto. (Ord. 5407 § 1 (part); November 2, 1993.)