.010   Any person aggrieved by any decision of the Chief of Police made pursuant to this chapter shall have the right to file a written appeal with the City Manager within five days.
   .020   The City Manager shall within two business days after the timely filing of such appeal act thereon.
   .0201   If the City Manager finds in favor of the appellant, the appellant shall immediately receive written notice thereof and, if such decision is to approve or conditionally approve and parade permit, the permit shall immediately be issued, upon payment of the deposit for traffic control, clean up and repair referred to in subsection of this chapter.
   .0202   If the City Manager finds that such appeal should not be granted, he or she shall, within such time, mail written notice of the action denying the appeal, stating in general terms the reasons for the denial of the appeal.
   .0203   If the denial occurs less than three  business days prior to the requested date of the parade, the City Manager shall also make reasonable efforts to provide telephonic notice of such denial.
   .0204   Failure to act within the specified time period shall be deemed a denial of the appeal.
   .0205   The decision of the City Manager shall be final. (Ord. 3169 § 6; June 5, 1973: Ord. 5919 § 17 (part); June 8, 2004.)