.010   Under the provisions of this chapter, a permittee shall reimburse the city for all traffic control costs incurred in connection with diverting traffic due to the closure of streets. No portion of the fee charged shall be based upon the need for security or increased police protection due to the nature of the parade.
   .020   Prior to the issuance of any parade permit referred to in this chapter, and within five days following the filing to the permit application, the Chief of Police shall determine the number of police officers needed for the traffic control purposes for said parade, and employees in other City departments for traffic control, clean-up and repair of the right-of-way along the parade route.
   .0201   When the number of said officers and employees is determined, the Chief of Police shall also determine the estimated cost of providing said officers and employees (including equipment and traffic control devices), and inform the person, firm or corporation conducting said parade of such estimated costs.
   .0202   The permit applicant may, but shall not be required to, deposit such estimated cost with the Chief of Police prior to the issuance of any permit pursuant to this chapter.
   .030   Within thirty days following completion of the parade, the Chief of Police shall calculate the final costs of traffic control, clean up and repair required by said parade, and notify the permittee of such final cost.
   .0301   Within ten days following the mailing of such notice to the permittee, the permittee shall pay to the City the amount, if any, by which the final cost exceeds the estimated cost theretofore deposited with the Chief of Police.
   .0302   Such amount shall constitute a debt due and owing to the City of Anaheim by the permittee.
   .0303   In the event the estimated cost exceeds the final cost, the excess will be refunded to the permittee within ten days following the mailing of the notice of the final cost to the permittee. (Ord. 3169 § 5; June 5, 1973: Ord. 5919 § 17 (part); June 8, 2004.)