Chapter 13.08 PUBLIC PARKS
   13.08.010   Applicability of chapter—"Public parks" defined.
   13.08.020   Prohibited conduct generally.
   13.08.030   Prohibited conduct in or adjacent to auditoriums or open-air theaters.
   13.08.040   Gatherings of more than twenty-five persons.
   13.08.045   Recreational facilities, permits required.
   13.08.050   Use of gender-specific restrooms by persons of opposite gender.
   13.08.060   Assemblies in pathways.
   13.08.070   Sale of goods in or near public parks.
   13.08.080   Vehicles for hire near public parks.
   13.08.090   Use of public swimming pools.
   13.08.110   Designation of public parks as drug-free zones.
   13.08.120   Bicycle uses in special use parks.