If the City is denied permission to remove a tree or other vegetation which requires trimming by the City more than once per consecutive twelve month period to meet the requirements of this Chapter, the Director of Community Services may send written notice to the owner of such lot or premises and posted on the lot or private premises notifying the owner of the violation of this Chapter. The notice provided hereunder shall require the owner to trim or remove such tree or vegetation to provide sufficient clearance to the overhead electrical line, transformer or apparatus and advise such owner that if such removal or trimming has not been completed within twenty one (21) days following the date of such notice, the City or its authorized contractor may enter upon the property with permission or under such warrant or other authority as may be required and cause such tree or vegetation to be trimmed at the expense of the property owner.  (Ord. 5746 § 1 (part); December 12, 2000.)