6.46.010   DEFINITIONS.
   The following definitions shall apply to this Chapter:
   .010   "Director" shall be the Director of Community Services or his or her designee.
   .020   "City" shall mean the City of Anaheim.
   .030   "Electrical Line" shall be any overhead conductor which carries electrical current of 750 volts or more directly or indirectly to electric utility customers, whether located over private property or the utility right of way.
   .040   "Transformer" shall be any device placed or mounted on any power pole for the purpose of altering the voltage or amperage of an electrical line.
   .050   "Apparatus" shall be any device which is a part of the electrical distribution system which is not otherwise defined in this Chapter and is mounted either on a utility pole or an electrical wire.  (Ord. 5746 § 1 (part); December 12, 2000.)