.010   The owner may protest the cost of abatement by filing a written request with the City Clerk for a hearing before the Hearing Officer who issued an abatement order pursuant to Section 6.16.030 within ten (10) calendar days of the service of the statement of costs described in Section 6.16.060. Upon receipt of such a request, the City Clerk shall schedule a hearing before the Hearing Officer and serve upon the owner written notice by certified mail of no less than ten (10) calendar days from the date of the notice.
   .020   At the time fixed for the hearing on the statement of costs, the Hearing Officer shall consider the statement and protests or objections raised by the person liable to be assessed for the cost of the abatement. The Hearing Officer may revise, correct, or modify the statement as it considers just and thereafter shall confirm the cost. The decision of the Hearing Officer shall be issued in writing, shall be final and conclusive, and shall be served upon the owner by the City Clerk by certified mail. (Ord. 6430 § 1 (part); March 6, 2018.)