.010   Any person intending to do or perform any of the following activities shall first apply for, pay such fees to the CUPA as are established by Resolution of the City Council, and obtain from the CUPA a consolidated or project specific permit.
   .0101   Store, handle or use hazardous materials or generate hazardous waste.
   .0102   Operate underground tanks for the storage of hazardous substances.
   .0103   Treat hazardous waste on-site under conditionally exempt, conditionally authorized or permit-by-rule.
   .0104   Construct, install, repair, modify, upgrade, temporarily close, remove or abandon in place any underground storage tank system.
   .0105   Permanently remove hazardous materials storage or use under a facility closure plan.
   .0106   Any other activity, use, storage or operation as may be deemed appropriate by the Fire Chief may be included as part of the permit issued to a person or business.
   .020   Upon receipt of a completed permit application, full payment from a Unified Program facility for all the annual fees as established by Resolution of the City Council, including any late payment fee, and as established by the state for the surcharge, and provided all of the applicable regulatory requirements for a permit or grant of authorization have been met, the CUPA shall issue a Unified Program facility permit.
   .030   Activities identified in subsections .0104 and .0105 of subsection .010 of Section 6.11.100 shall be in accordance with Anaheim Fire Department Guidelines, copies of which are available from the Anaheim Fire Department.
   .040   A permit issued for the activities identified in subsection .0104 of subsection .010 of Section 6.11.100 shall expire on the last day of the month of the one year anniversary month in which the permit was issued.
   .050   Unified Program facility permits required by this chapter shall expire on July 31st and shall be renewed annually.
   .060   Application for a new, amended or renewed permit or an additional approval shall be made to the CUPA within thirty (30) days of (i) commencement of the activity or (ii) change to the existing permit, or (iii) receipt of notification from the Anaheim Fire Department of the requirement to submit a permit application.
   .070   A permit to store, handle or use a hazardous material or hazardous waste or to treat hazardous waste on-site or to operate an underground storage tank system is not transferable to another person, business or physical location.
   .080   A permit issued pursuant to this chapter shall be posted and conspicuously displayed at the Unified Program facility location. A copy of the Hazardous Materials Business Plan shall be maintained at the unified facility location.  (Ord. 5785 § 1 (part); October 2, 2001:  Ord. 6150 § 1 (part); July 21, 2009.)