Chapter 4.05
   4.05.010   Title.
   4.05.020   Purpose and Intent.
   4.05.030   Definitions.
   4.05.040   Permit Required; Processing of Pending Applications and Renewals of Permits.
   4.05.050   Agents.
   4.05.060   Application Requirements for Processing Pending Applications and for Renewal of Short-Term Rental Permit.
   4.05.070   Term of Permit and Renewal.
   4.05.080   Denial of Permit.
   4.05.090   Application Fees.
   4.05.100   Conditions of Permit Issuance and Renewal; Operational Requirements.
   4.05.110   Audit.
   4.05.120   Responsibilities of Hosting Platforms.
   4.05.130   Violations/Penalties.
   4.05.140   Procedure for Imposition of Modification, Suspension and/or Revocation of Short-Term Rental Permit.
   4.05.150   Appeals and Administrative Hearing Procedure for Administrative Determinations.
   4.05.160   Effect of Short-Term Rentals Ordinance on Other Provisions of Code.
   4.05.170   No Vested Rights.
   4.05.180   Termination and Amortization of Pre-Moratorium Short-Term Rentals.