.010   All bids for public projects shall be received at the office of the City Clerk of the City of Anaheim as set forth in the public notice inviting bids for such project up until the time set forth in said notice for receiving said bids, and no bids shall be received at said office after the time specified in said notice.
   .020   All bids received at the office of the City Clerk shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope and shall be identified as bids for the designated project on the outside of said envelope.
   .030   All bids shall be opened in public by the City Clerk or a designated deputy and by a representative of the department directly involved in the project, and all bids shall be opened at the time and place as stated in the public notice.
   .040   After all bids are opened they shall be referred to the representative of the department directly involved in the project for tabulation.
   .050   The representative of the department to whom the bids are referred for tabulation shall report all bids and the tabulation of all bids to the City Council for its consideration at a meeting which shall be no later than thirty days after the bids are opened.
   .060   Upon receiving the report, the City Council shall determine the sufficiency or insufficiency of the bidders' security and shall act upon the bids in conformity with the applicable provision of the Government Code of the State of California.
   .070   This Section 1.12.050 shall apply only to projects for the construction of public works for which bids are required pursuant to the provisions of Section 1211 of the Charter of the City of Anaheim.
(Ord. 1180 (part) as amended by Ord. 1399; September 29, 1959; Ord. 3684 § 1; April 19, 1977; Ord. 4387 § 1; January 18, 1983; Ord. 5774 §§ 42, 43; July 24, 2001.)