927.05 ANTENNAS.
   (a)   Antennas and accessory equipment must be capable of fitting within an enclosure not larger than six (6) cubic feet in volume.
   (b)   Antennas and accessory equipment shall not increase the overall height of an existing wireless support structure by more than five (5) feet.
   (c)   Antennas mounted on a wireless support structure shall be enclosed inside the wireless support structure whenever possible and otherwise within a canister or other shroud.  All accessory equipment associated with the antenna shall be concealed and shall not visibly protrude from the shroud or canister.
   (d)   The width of the canister or other shroud encasing the antennas and accessory equipment shall not exceed the width of the topmost portion of the wireless support structure or ten (10) inches in diameter, whichever is less.
   (e)   The enclosure or shroud shall be painted to match or compliment the wireless support structure.
   (f)   Antennas shall be installed in a manner that minimizes the visual impact to the general public.
   (g)   Antennas shall not impair light or substantially obstruct views from adjacent window(s).
   (h)   Antennas located on the exterior of a wireless support structure shall be top-mounted on a wireless support structure.  The City may approve a side-mounted antenna if, in the City's opinion, the side-mounted antenna would be more appropriate given the built environment, neighborhood character, overall site appearance or would otherwise promote the purpose in these Design Guidelines.
(Ord. 20-30.  Passed 10-26-20.)