In the following exceptional cases, a minor in or upon a public place during the hours for which Section 511.04 is intended to provide the maximum limits of regulation shall not be considered in violation of this chapter.
   (a)   When the minor is accompanied by his or her parent.
   (b)   When the minor is on an emergency errand directed by his or her parent.
   (c)   When the minor is going or coming directly to or from his or her place of gainful employment or to or from a medical appointment.
   (d)   When the minor is observing a religious holiday.
   (e)   When the minor has permission to leave school campus for lunch or school related activity and has in his or her possession a valid, school issued, off-campus permit.
   (f)   When the minor is exempt by law from compulsory education or compulsory continuation education.
   (g)   When such minor is being educated at home pursuant to Ohio R.C. 3314.
      (Ord. 06-80.  Passed 12-11-06.)