The Building Official may suspend for up to one (1) year or revoke any registration issued under the provisions of this chapter for any of the following reasons:
   (a)   Misrepresentation of a material face by the applicant in obtaining a registration renewal thereof;
   (b)   Use of registration in obtaining permits for another person;
   (c)   Faulty or defective workmanship;
   (d)   Departure from or disregard of plans and specifications filed with the application for a permit;
   (e)   The noncompliance with or violation of any provision of Part Thirteen of the Codified Ordinances of the City.
   Any person, firm, corporation or association whose registration is suspended or revoked shall not be issued another certificate of registration prior to the expiration of the term of suspension or within two years from the date of revocation.
(Ord. 17-29. Passed 7-10-17.)