(a)   Provided such land satisfies the requirements set forth below, the owner or owners of land shall have the right to designate such land as a hunting preserve.  To effect such designation, the owner or owners of such land shall file a designation with the Director of Public Safety and Service, on a form prescribed by the Director.
   (b)   A hunting preserve must be at least four hundred (400) acres in area in one continuous block of land.  The boundaries of each hunting preserve shall be clearly defined by posting signs, at intervals of not less than one hundred (100) feet, around the perimeter of such preserve.  Each such sign must be at least 10" x 14" and must clearly identify the land as a hunting preserve.
   (c)   No hunting or use of any weapon shall be permitted within six hundred (600) feet of any boundary of a hunting preserve.
   (d)   Hunting within a hunting preserve shall be by shotgun, bow and arrow, pistols, or primitive weapons only.  No other weapons may be used for hunting.  As used herein, “primitive weapons” means weapons that are single-shot, muzzleloading rifles, thirty-eight caliber or larger; or muzzleloading shotguns using single ball; or longbow and arrow; or a crossbow having a working safety and a stock more than twenty-five inches in length.
   (e)   This section does not authorized anyone to hunt within or use any weapon on any property without the permission of the owner.
   (f)   This section shall not be construed to permit the use of land in violation of Amherst’s Zoning Code (Title Five of Part Eleven of Amherst’s Codified Ordinances.)
(Ord. 04-67.  Passed 7-12-04.)