No room in any basement or cellar in an existing building shall be used for habitation purposes unless the following standards are complied with:
   (a)    Such room shall be seven feet high in every part from floor to ceiling.
   (b)    The use of a water closet shall be appurtenant to such room in a water closet compartment properly vented to the outside air.
   (c)    The water closet compartment shall have one or more window openings of not less than eight percent of the floor area, exclusive of sash frames, and shall open readily for purposes of ventilation to the street or yard.
   (d)    The floors and walls are waterproof and dampproof in accordance with an approved method if in contact with earth. Such waterproofing shall be between the floor or wall finish and the ground.
   (e)    Such room shall have sufficient light and ventilation, shall be well drained and dry and shall be fit for human habitation. In addition to the foregoing requirements in the use of basement or cellar rooms, all of the other minimum standards specified in this chapter shall be complied with.
      (Ord. 67-44. Passed 7-31-67.)