Whenever the Building Inspector determines that there has been a violation of any provision of this Housing Code or of any regulation issued hereunder, such violation not being within the jurisdiction of the Fire Chief, he shall give notice of the alleged violation in the manner provided in this section to the person responsible for compliance under this Housing Code.
   (a)    The notice shall:
      (1)    Be in writing;
      (2)    Include a statement of the reasons why it is being issued;
      (3)    Specify a reasonable time for the performance of any act it requires; and
      (4)    Inform the person responsible for compliance of his right to a hearing.
   (b)    The notice shall be served upon the person responsible:
      (1)    By handing a copy to him personally or by handing a copy to the person designated in Ohio R.C. 2703.10;
      (2)    By sending a copy to his last known address by registered mail, postage prepaid, accompanied with a request for a return receipt; or, if service cannot be accomplished in this manner,
      (3)    By posting a copy in a conspicuous place in or about the dwelling or structure.
         (Ord. 67-44. Passed 7-31-67.)