The following definitions shall be used for the purpose of interpreting this chapter.
   (a)    "Dwelling" means any building or structure, or part thereof, occupied or designed to be occupied as the home, residence or sleeping place of one or more persons. A dwelling may include one or more dwelling units or rooming units or a combination of both.
   (b)    "Dwelling unfit for human habitation" means any dwelling which, by reason of serious deficiencies in drainage, plumbing, water supply, natural lighting, artificial lighting, electrical wiring, heat, ventilation, floor area and rodent or pest control facilities, or by reason of dilapidation, disrepair or other similar conditions, or because of the need for major repairs to the roof, walls, ceilings, floors, stairs or other parts of the dwelling, is unsanitary or unsafe and constitutes a serious hazard to the health, safety or welfare of the occupants of the dwelling or to the public.
   (c)    "Dwelling unit" means a room or group of rooms located within any dwelling and forming a single habitable unit with facilities for living, sleeping, cooking and eating.
   (d)    "Extermination" means the control and elimination of insects, rodents or other pests by eliminating their harborage places, by removing or making inaccessible material that may serve as their food, by poisoning, spraying, fumigating, trapping or any other recognized and legal pest elimination methods.
   (e)    "Infestation" means the presence within or around a dwelling, dwelling unit or rooming unit of any insects, rodents or other pests.
   (f)    "Multiple dwelling" means a dwelling containing more than two dwelling units.
   (g)    "Occupant" means any person who lives, sleeps, cooks or eats in a dwelling unit or who lives and sleeps in a rooming unit.
   (h)    "Operator" means any person, whether or not the owner, who has charge, care or control of a rooming house or dwelling unit.
   (i)    "Owner" means any person, firm or corporation who, alone or jointly or severally with others, is in actual possession of, or has charge, care or control of, any dwelling or dwelling unit within the City as owner, employee or agent of the owner, or as trustee or guardian of the estate or person of the title holder. Such other persons shall be bound to comply with the provisions of this Housing Code to the same extent as the owner.
   (j)    "Person" means a natural person, corporation, partnership or association.
   (k)    "Premises" means the ground, yard, lawn or court, or the private way, walk, alley or approach, used or intended to be used in connection with a dwelling.
   (l)    "Refuse" means and includes "garbage" and “rubbish”; "garbage" means the animal and vegetable waste resulting from tile handling, preparation, cooking and consumption of food; “rubbish” means any household waste materials other than garbage, ashes, cinders and building materials.
   (m)    "Rooming house" means any dwelling or that part of any dwelling containing two or more rooming units, in which space is let by the owner or operator to three or more persons who are not husband or wife, son or daughter, parent or grandparent, or sister or brother of the operator, whether or not operated for profit, including boarding homes for infants, children and the aged.
   (n)    "Rooming unit" means any room or group of rooms forming a single habitable unit used or intended to be used for living and sleeping, but not for cooking or eating purposes.
   (o)    The singular number shall include the plural and the plural shall include the singular. The terms "dwelling," "dwelling unit," "rooming house" and "rooming unit," whenever used in this Housing Code, shall be construed as though followed by the words "or any part thereof." The term "occupied," whenever used in this Housing Code, shall be construed as though followed by the words "or intended or designed to be occupied."
      (Ord. 67-44. Passed 7-31-67.)