The following definitions shall apply only to the provisions of the Design Review Regulations of the City of Amherst Code of Ordinances:
   (a)   “Alter or alteration:” Any material change in an external architectural feature of any property which lies within a Preservation District, including demolition, removal, construction, modification to existing signage or placement of new signage, roofs, windows, siding, awnings/canopies, additions, doors/entrances, but not including the landscaping of real property and painting.
   (b)   “Applicant:” Any owner, who applies for a Certificate of Appropriateness in order to undertake any change on property subject to this Chapter.
   (c)   “External Architectural Feature:” The architectural style, general design and arrangement of the exterior of a structure including, but not limited to, the type, color, and texture of the building material, doors, windows, roof, porches and other appurtenant fixtures.
   (d)   “Preservation District:” Any area within the corporate limits of Amherst, Ohio, designated by Council to be subject to the provisions of this Chapter.
   (e)   “Member:” Any member of the Design Review Board as established under the provisions of this Chapter.
      (Ord. 01-34. Passed 4-9-01.)