The following standards shall apply to all permitted cellular communications antennas and towers:
   (a)    The cellular communications company shall be required to demonstrate, using the latest technological evidence, that the antenna or tower must be placed where it is proposed in order to satisfy its necessary function in the company's grid system.
   (b)   (1)    If the cellular communications company proposes to build a cellular communications tower (as opposed to mounting the antenna on an existing structure), it is required to demonstrate that it has contacted the owners of nearby structures within a one (1) mile radius of the site proposed, asked for permission to install the cellular communications antenna on those structures, and was denied for reasons other than economic ones. "Tall structures" shall include, but not be limited to: Smoke stacks, water towers, buildings over fifty (50) feet in height, antenna support structures of other cellular communication companies, other communication towers and roadway lighting poles.
      (2)    The City may deny the application to construct a new cellular communications tower if the applicant has not made a good faith effort to mount the antenna on existing structures.
   (c)    The City shall deny the application to construct or to mount the antenna unless sufficient lighting is added to any structure which reaches more than 100 feet in height and is less than 200 feet in height.
(Ord. 00-85. Passed 9-25-00.)