(a)    After passage of this section, no person, corporation, public agency, partnership or association whatsoever shall connect, or cause to be connected, any building or other structure in the City either directly or indirectly with the municipal sanitary sewage system for the purpose of discharging sewage or industrial waster therefrom, without first securing from the Superintendent of Utilities a permit for such purpose in a form prescribed by the Director of Public Service and without first paying a tap-in charge determined in accordance with the provisions of subsection (b) hereof.
   (b)    No permit shall be issued for the purpose described in subsection (a) hereof until the applicant has paid a tap-in charge to be determined in accordance with the following schedules:
Flow (Gallons Per Day)
400 per unit
No food service
2 per seat
With food service
20 per seat
Bowling Alleys (no food service)
75 per lane
No kitchen
5 per sanctuary seat
With kitchen
7 per sanctuary seat
Country Clubs
70 per member
Dance Halls
2 per person
Drive-In Theaters
5 per car space
35 per employee
Food Service Operations
Ordinary Restaurant (not 24-hour)
35 per seat at 400 p.p.m. B.O.D.
24-hour Restaurant
50 per seat at 400 p.p.m. B.O.D.
24-hour Restaurant along freeway
70 per seat at 400 p.p.m. B.O.D.
20 per seat at 400 p.p.m. B.O.D.
Curb Service (Drive-in)
50 per car space at 400 p.p.m. B.O.D.
Vending Machine Restaurants
70 per seat at 200 p.p.m. B.O.D.
300 per bed
Laundries (coin-operated noncommercial)
400 per machine
150 per unit
Nursing and Rest Homes
175 per person
Office Buildings
20 per employee
15 per pupil
Junior High
20 per pupil
Senior High
20 per pupil
Flow (Gallons Per Day)
Service Stations
No bays
First Bay
Each additional bay
Shopping Centers (no food service or laundries)
0.1 per square foot of floor space
400 per single family home
Swimming Pools
5 per swimmer (design load)
With hot water shower
7 per swimmer (design load)
Trailer Parks
400 per trailer space
Youth and Recreation Camps
50 per camper
The tap-in fee shall be computed at the rate of three dollars ($3.00) per gallon, using the sewage flow in Schedule A herein as a basis. In no case shall the tap-in fee be less than twelve hundred dollars ($1,200).
   (c)    All charges collected pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall be paid over as received to the Treasurer for deposit in the Sewer Revenue Fund.
   (d)    The tap-in fee for areas outside the limits of the City, served by the City sewer system, shall be charged one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the fee, which would be applicable if the area were within the City limits.
   (e)    Within ninety days after receipt of official written notification from the Director of Public Service, every person, corporation, public agency, partnership or association, whose building facilities do not have the sanitary sewer connected to the municipal sewer system, shall connect or cause to be connected to same, where such sewer system has been made available.
   (f)    The permits and charges provided for in this chapter shall not be deemed to preclude the subsequent assessment levy against benefited properties to provide funds for the construction of sanitary sewers required to provide local service to such properties.
   (g)    In the event that the Director of Public Service ascertains that any property has been connected directly or indirectly to the municipal sewer system in violation of the provisions of this section, the Service Director is authorized to disconnect such property, or have the same disconnected, until such violation ceases. The City shall be reimbursed by the violator for expenses incurred by the City in making such disconnection.
(Ord. 10-53. Passed 10-25-10.)