Ord. No.   Date    Description
B-218   2-21-39   Appropriation for water works purposes.
B-226   5-26-39   Purchase for construction of electric generating plant.
B-227   6-12-39   Amends Ord. B-226.
B-259   2-41   Purchase of part of Original Lot 19 from Spivak.
Res. B-149   7-1-41   Conveyance of part of Original Lot 37 by U.S. Automatic Corp.
Res. 151   7-22-41   Accepts conveyance of U.S. Automatic Corp.
B-285   8-4-42   Exchange of real estate with the U.S. Automatic Corp.
B-370   12-8-47   Accepting quit claim deed of Brandt.
B-461   1-5-54   Purchase of Lot 121 and parts of Lots 120 and 119 and part of Original Lot 25 from Hagen for parking facilities.
Res. B-455   10-15-57   Acceptance of deed from M. Neiding for park purposes.
B-760   8-20-62   Purchase of Amherst Water Co. physical properties and assets.
B-825   9-9-63   Purchase of 3.9 acres from Kapucinski et al.
64-6   1-27-64   Purchase of assets of Amherst Water Co.
64-25   6-19-64   Purchase of assets of Amherst Water Co., repeals Ord. 64-6.
64-35   8-18-64   Authorizes supplemental agreement to Ord. 64-25.
66-11   3-28-66   Authorizes sale of part of Original Amherst Twp. Lot 37.
Res.66-13   5-23-66   Authorizes a 90-day option contract with Milad, Inc. for the purchase of about .119 acre of land on Tenney Ave. for off-street parking.
Res.66-28   10-24-66   Authorizes purchase of part of Original Amherst Twp. Lot 37.
Res.67-12   3-27-67   Authorizes reconveyance of part of Original Amherst Twp. Lot 41 to the Saewin Co.
68-46   9-23-68   Authorizes purchase of water line and easement from Paul Thompson.
70-40   11-23-70   Authorizes purchase of 11.627 acres from George Hollstein for the expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
72-46   10-23-72   Authorizes sale of 0.222 acre of Original Amherst Twp. Lot. 37.
76-48   9-13-76   Accepts conveyance of Amherst Hospital property and authorizes lease of same.
78-28   6-12-78   Authorizes sale of former park land after it is vacated pursuant to Ordinance 78-28.
Res.80-1   1-14-80   Purchase of Edwards property.
87-10   2-9-87   Purchase from Godfrey of 1 acre fronting 230 on south side of Conrail right of way.
87-35   5-11-87   Purchase of parcel at intersection of Cleveland Ave. and Central St. for cemetery purposes.
0-92-7   1-27-92   Purchase of 225 Park Ave. from U.S. Postal Service.
Res.94-11   11-7-94   Accepts gift of 11.8926 acres for park purposes from Sandra Lee Bitar.
0-94-19   2-28-94   Purchase of 0.6973 acres adjacent to westside electrical substation.
97-108   11-10-97   Approves the purchase of land for a detention pond.
97-127   12-8-97   Authorizes purchase of lands for a west side park.
98-10   2-23-98   Authorizes the purchase of real estate for a detention basin.
98-84   7-27-98   Authorizes lease-purchase of the San-Spring Building and Land on Park Ave.
98-90   7-27-98   Conditionally accepts 2.9721 acres from Richard Schneider for a water tower site.
98-115   9-28-98   Authorizes the sale of 2½ acres abutting West Erie Ave.
98-116   9-28-98   Authorizes the sale of real property known as the Old Water Garage Property.
99-26   3-8-99   Authorizes the sale of real property known as 1111 Park Ave. to Jay Murray, Jr. for $21,001.
99-27   3-8-99   Authorizes the sale of lands on West Erie Ave. to Anchor Lodge Co. Ltd. for $251,000.
00-54   6-26-00   Authorizes the purchase of a vacant lot on Tower Lane from Richard Schneider for $45,000.
01-14   2-12-01   Authorizes the purchase of certain real estate from Milad and Fanny Abraham for $285,439.
02-138   11-11-02   Authorizes the purchase of 4.7038 acres of vacant land from Joan T. Plumb, successor trustee, for $160,000.
03-53   4-28-03   Amends 02-138.
04-16   3-8-04   Authorizes the sale of 647 Park Aven. to the highest bidder.
07-11   2-26-07   Authorizing the City of Amherst Community Improvement Corporation, acting as agent of the City, to enter into an agreement with KTM North America, Inc. for the sale of 1.3 acres of such City-owned land to KTM North America, Inc. at a price not less than $26,000.00.
07-26   4-30-07   Amending Ord. 07-11 to increase to approximately 1.522 acres the area of the land to be sold to KTM North America, Inc.
12-50   11-26-12   Authorizes a lease agreement with Browning-Ferris Industries of Ohio, Inc., AKA BFI of Ohio, Inc.
18-22   4-9-18   Authorizing the City of Amherst Community Improvement Corporation to act as agent for the City to enter into an agreement to expropriate a parcel of real estate owned by the City on Terra Lane subject to the further approval of City Council.
19-14   3-25-19   Vacating Permanent Parcel No. 05-00-038-900-003 and retaining a utility easement thereon.
19-19   5-13-19   Amends Ordinance 19-14.
20-09      2-24-20   Authorizing the City of Amherst Community Improvement Corporation, acting as agent for the City, to negotiate the terms of an agreement to sell two parcels of real estate owned by the City on Mill Street.
21-10      2-22-21   Authorizing the City of Amherst Community Improvements Corporation, acting as agent for the City, to negotiate the terms of the City’s sale of a portion of Parcel No. 05-00-041-110-031 to Clovervale Farms, LLC and purchase of Lorain County Community College’s contingent interest in such split parcel.
21-21      5-24-21   Authorizing the City to accept a donation of the property known as the Old Amherst Freight Depot from Nordson Corporation.
21-25      6-28-21   Authorizing and directing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Freakin Greekin, LLC for the exchange of certain parcel of real estate.