When the City has effected the cutting or destruction of weeds, the cutting of grass or the removal of litter, the owner and/or the person having legal or contractual charge of such land shall be billed for such work.
   The schedule of charges of city personnel and equipment used to abate such nuisance shall be posted at the City of Amherst Building Department and may be changed or updated from time to time as approved by the Safety Service Director.
   The minimum charge shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).
   If the City contracts out such work, the City shall use appropriate city funds to pay the contractor.    The person having charge of such land shall then be billed for such work plus ten percent (10%).
   If the address of the owner and/or other person having legal or contractual charge of the land is known, the Building Inspector shall issue to such person, by certified mail, a bill for such services. If the address is unknown or if the bill sent to the person having charge of such land is not paid within five (5) days after service of the bill, a written return thereof to the County Auditor in accordance with the provisions of Ohio R.C. 731.54 shall be made to perfect the charges and costs as a tax lien against the property. If a written return is made to the County Auditor, then, in addition to the charge for such services, an administrative fee of sixty dollars ($60.00) will also be charged by the City.
(Ord. 22-41. Passed 10-10-22.)