The Planning Commission may adopt and may from time to time amend or modify a general village plan. It shall further consider all petitions for amendment of the zoning plan referred to it by Council; and may, upon its own initiative, propose amendments to the zoning plan. No plan or amendment or modification thereof made or proposed by the Planning Commission shall become effective unless and until the same shall be reported to the Council and embodied in an ordinance.
   Petitions for change in the zoning plan shall be filed with the Clerk of Council, accompanied by a proposed ordinance effecting the change desired and by such other information and data as the Planning Commission shall designate. Such petitions shall be reported by the Clerk to the Council which shall forthwith refer them to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall schedule such petitions for public hearing, with notice by mail to the last known address of all interested property owners as determined by the Planning Commission. Following such public hearing, the Planning Commission shall make its recommendation with reference to the change proposed and shall report it to Council. Following receipt of such report, Council shall schedule the question of such change for public hearing, following which it may adopt, reject, or modify and adopt the recommendation of the Planning Commission.
   No recommendation of the Planning Commission with reference to changes in the zoning plan, changes in the village plan or any dedication or gift of property shall be amended by Council nor adopted contrary to the recommendation of the Planning Commission except upon a vote of five members of Council. Recommendations of the Planning Commission may be adopted by Council by a majority vote.