The Manager shall make all purchases, and shall deliver all contracts for the municipality except contracts granting franchises for public utility services.  Council may, from time to time, establish by Resolution the amount of Village Funds that the Village Manager may expend for Village purchases without having obtained authorization from Council, except that such amount established by Council shall not be greater than $15,000.00, and shall not apply to an expenditure for expert or professional services.
   No purchase or contract involving an expenditure of a sum greater than the sum provided in [R.C  § 731.14] Section 731.14 of the Ohio Revised Code, and as the same may be amended or re-codified from time to time, shall be made except after advertisement and the receipt of bids in writing; except in the case of emergency which will not admit of delay, in which case the Manager shall report the facts to Council at its next meeting and Council may waive all advertising and bidding requirements if Council determines that there is an emergency which will not admit of delay.  After receipt of bids or after waiver of bidding, Council may authorize the Manager to make a purchase from or enter into a contract with the party who, in its sole discretion, offers the best proposal for the Village, considering quality, service, adaptability to requirements of the Village and price; or Council may direct the rejection of all bids. No contract, except a contract granting a franchise for public utility services, shall be made for a term longer than five years. All contracts shall be approved as to form by the Solicitor before they are executed by the Manager. Purchases may be made simultaneously or in conjunction with purchases by other governmental bodies.
(Amendments adopted by electorate 11-3-70, 11-4-80, 11-4-97, 11-12-07)