Council shall appoint a Solicitor who shall be an Attorney-At-Law admitted to practice in Ohio, and shall be a resident of Hamilton County. He shall be the legal adviser of and attorney and counsel for the Village and for all officers and departments thereof in all matters relating to their official duties; and shall, when requested, give legal opinions in writing. He shall represent the municipality in all litigation to which it may be a party and shall, upon request of the Mayor or police officials of the Village, prosecute for all offenses against the ordinances of the Village or against the laws of Ohio in actions before the Mayor. He shall on request prepare all contracts, bonds, and other instruments in writing in which the municipality is concerned and shall endorse on each his approval of the form and correctness thereof. He shall perform all other duties of a legal nature imposed upon him by any measure of Council or imposed upon the chief legal officers of municipalities by applicable general law. He shall serve for the term of the Council appointing him.