WHEREAS, American Legal Publishing Corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio has completed the S-13 Supplement to the Code of Ordinances of the Village, said Supplement containing all ordinances of a general nature enacted since the most recent supplement through Ord. 2017-27 passed September 11, 2017, and Resolution 2017-34 passed October 9, 2017, and all State of Ohio legislation through June 30, 2017;
   WHEREAS, American Legal Publishing Corporation has recommended the revision to or addition of certain sections for inclusion within the Village Code that are identical to or based upon a section of the Ohio Revised Code, and has included within the S-13 Supplement such revisions or additions;
   WHEREAS, it is the intent of Council to adopt these revisions and additions so that the Village Code will be in conformity with changes and amendments to the Ohio Revised Code.
   NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE Council of Amberley Village, State of Ohio, six (6) members elected thereto concurring:
   SECTION 1:  That the 2017 S-13 Supplement to the Village Code of Ordinances as printed and published by American Legal Publishing Corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio, be, and the same hereby is, adopted and enacted, and incorporated by reference as if set out in its entirety herein, and it shall be retained at the Village Municipal Building, available to the general public.
   SECTION 2:  That this ordinance will take effect at the earliest time permitted by law.
   Passed this 12th day of February, 2018.
                                             Thomas C. Muething    /s/
                                             Mayor Thomas C. Muething
Nicole Browder            /s/
Nicole Browder, Clerk of Council
Ordinance Vote:
Moved:  Conway   Seconded:  Kamine
Muething      Aye
Wolf         Aye
Bardach      Aye
Conway      Aye
Kamine      Aye
Warren         Aye
   I, Clerk of Council of Amberley Village, Ohio, certify that on the 21st day of February, 2018, the forgoing Ordinance was published pursuant to Article IX of the Home Rule Charter by posting true copies of said Ordinance at all of the places of public notice as designed by Sec. 31.40(B), Code of Ordinances.
                                             Nicole Browder      /s/
                                             Nicole Browder, Clerk of Council