(A)   All delinquent fees shall be assessed as provided by the utility, or as provided by the utility's contract billing agent, if any.
   (B)   Unpaid charges shall constitute a lien upon the real property affected from the date charges are incurred.
   (C)   Charges which remain unpaid for a period of two quarters are subject to the filing of a suit by the village to collect the unpaid charges.
   (D)   For delinquent charges, a special assessment may be filed with the Auditor of Hamilton County, Ohio as a lien upon the real property.
   (E)   In addition to other remedies provided for in this section, if charges remain unpaid the Greater Cincinnati Water Works may utilize any remedies it may have for the failure to pay for water, sewage or stormwater services, including the termination of water service.
(Ord. 2002-11, passed 3-10-03)  Penalty, see § 54.99