(A)   The stormwater management utility created pursuant to this chapter shall be, and hereby is designated to be, a department of the village.
   (B)   The Village Manager shall be, and hereby is appointed as, Director of the stormwater management utility.
   (C)   The utility shall be administered by the Director and shall have the responsibility for planning, developing, and implementing stormwater management or sediment control plans; financing, constructing, maintaining, rehabilitating, inspecting, and managing existing and new stormwater facilities; collecting fees and charges for the utility; implementing and enforcing the provisions of this code; and other related duties as directed by the Village Manager.
   (D)   The utility may avail itself of the services of other village departments necessary for the discharge of its responsibilities. Services of finance, personnel, law, public works, engineering, and the like, which are used by the utility shall be provided at cost.
   (E)   A Stormwater Management Advisory Committee consisting of a member of Council and four persons appointed by Council shall serve as advisors to the utility. To ensure a balanced committee, at least one representative of non residential property shall be on the committee.
   (F)   Non-Councilmembers so appointed shall serve at the pleasure of Council for a term of four years.  The Councilmember shall serve for the term of his or her office. Four members shall serve in overlapping terms being appointed every two years to serve for a four-year term. The first Advisory Committee shall be composed of two members to serve for two years and two others for a four-year term.  The Council of the Village of Amberley Village will then appoint two members every two years. It will be the responsibility of Council to designate one of its members to serve as a voting member of this committee. The Stormwater Utility Director will serve as liaison. A majority of all members must be present to constitute a quorum to do business. Any operating rules contained in bylaws created by this committee shall be adopted by resolution of Council and shall provide for at least quarterly meetings.
   (G)   The Advisory Committee will elect, at the first quarterly meeting of each year, a chairperson to serve for one year. The chairperson shall, at all times, preserve the order and decorum. The chairperson may request that any member perform the duties of the chair. The chairperson shall, with the consent of the Advisory Committee, appoint all committees.
   (H)   The regular quarterly meeting of the Advisory Committee shall be held at the time and on the dates established by the Advisory Committee for each calendar year. The committee may, upon motion, dispense with a previously established regular meeting or change the day or hour of any meeting whenever the scheduled meeting falls on a holiday or other situations warrant, providing such action would not conflict with other local or state ordinances.
   (I)   The duties of the Advisory Committee shall be to review and promote public awareness of the progress and activities of the utility, to provide input as to needed projects and assist in prioritizing of those projects, and to make recommendations regarding proposals for amendments to this chapter or other provisions of the code which deal with stormwater or related matters including, but not limited to master plans, rules and regulations, service charges and appointments or reappointments of any member of this Committee.
   (J)   The Advisory Committee shall have no authority to bind the Village or the utility with respect to any matter including easements, expenditures or contracts.
(Ord. 2002-11, passed 3-10-03; Am. Res. 2004-05, passed 5-10-04)