The governing body and planning commission shall have all the rights, powers and duties as authorized in K.S.A. 12-741 et seq., and amendments thereto, which are hereby incorporated by reference as part of this section and shall be given full force and effect as if the same had been fully set forth. The commission is hereby authorized to make or cause to be made, adopted and maintained a comprehensive plan for the city and any unincorporated territory lying outside of the city but within Wabaunsee County in which the city is located, which in the opinion of the commission forms the total community of which the city is a part. The commission shall also cause to be prepared, adopted and maintained zoning and subdivision regulations on all land within the jurisdiction designated by the governing body. The comprehensive plan and zoning and subdivision regulations are subject to final approval of the governing body by ordinance. Periodically, the governing body may request the commission to undertake other assignments related to planning and land use regulations.
(Ord. 178, Sec. 3; Code 2000)