All fees and charges provided for by this article shall be collected by the city clerk and such charges shall be added to and noted on the monthly utility bills sent to all customers and users of the city utilities, and shall be paid in the same manner and at the same time as utility bills. Persons and establishments not connected with the municipal utilities shall be billed separately at the end of each month and all fees and charges shall be paid on or before the 10th day of the following month. If such fees and charges are not paid as above provided, the collection of refuse from the premises of the person thus failing to pay shall, at the option of the city, be discontinued, and such collection shall not be resumed until all collection charges against the premises shall have been paid. The discontinuance of service by the city for nonpayment of the refuse collection fee shall not relieve any person of his or her responsibility and obligation to abide by the terms of this article regarding the removal of garbage, trash and refuse. If such fees and charges are not paid when due a late charge of 10% shall be added thereto and, if such fees, charges and penalties are not paid by the end of the month following the month for which the fees and charges are made, delivery of water through the pipes and mains of the city, to such premises, may be discontinued until all delinquent charges, fees and penalties are paid in full.
(Ord. 216, Sec. 18; Code 2000)