(a)   Construction Areas. Nothing in this article shall prevent any person under a written permit from the city from encumbering the streets or alleys with building materials or earth as may be necessary for the purpose of construction, erection, adding to, remodeling, or repairing any building or structure or resulting from demolition operations; provided however, that in the event of such encumbering of the streets or alleys, the contractor, owner, or occupant shall remove any and all materials remaining within 10 days from the completion of the work, and shall leave the street or alley in the same condition that they were in prior to such use thereof.
   (b)   Construction and Demolition Operations. No provision of this article shall be constructed as prohibiting construction contractors, tree surgeons, roofers, and other private contractors, whose operations result in the accumulations of refuse, from hauling and disposing of accumulations of trash and rubbish resulting from their own operations, provided they shall at all times comply with the regulations and provisions of this article.
   (c)   Unusual Situations. In situations which are not contemplated or considered by the terms and conditions of this article, the city sanitarian shall have the power and the authority to grant special rights and privileges on a temporary basis for the collection, hauling and disposal of trash and garbage where such special privileges are required in order to maintain the health and sanitation of the city and its inhabitants or such right and privilege is required to avoid the creation of a public nuisance.
(Ord. 216, Sec.7; Code 2000)