15-505.   CONTAINERS.
   (a)   Storage Containers. It shall be the duty of every person in possession, charge or control of any place, premises, dwellings, commercial establishment, building or structure from which garbage or trash accumulates in the city to provide or cause to be kept or provided suitable containers or enclosures for holding and storing such garbage, trash, or other refuse. Such containers or enclosures shall be wind proof, water tight, fire resistant and shall be provided with a tightly fitted cover or lid, shall be of sufficient size to hold accumulations of refuse but shall not exceed 30 gallons capacity and shall be kept closed at all times except when dumping garbage or trash therein or when taking garbage and trash therefrom. Solid waste materials may also be placed for removal in plastic bags, or bags of other similar material, secured tightly at the top with an approved fastener, provided the type of material placed therein is of a type that will not damage the bag and cause leakage and litter.
   (b)   Location of Storage Containers. Containers for the storage of refuse shall be placed and kept by the occupants of premises in the following locations:
      (1)   All dwellings and commercial establishments shall place the containers at a suitable location as hereinafter designated.
      (2)   Containers shall be placed along the edges of alleys, where alleys run along the rear of the property which are surfaced in such a manner to allow the contractor’s collection equipment to operate with ease under all types of weather conditions. Where no alley exists, or where it is not properly all weather surfaced, the containers shall be kept at the rear of the premises but placed on the street parking, in front of the premises (or at the side on corner lots if requested by the contractor) on collection days. After the containers are emptied by the contractor they shall be returned by the occupant of the premises to the rear of the premises within 24 hours. Under unusual circumstances the city sanitarian may designate the place where containers are kept.
      (3)   All containers or enclosures shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner by the person or person in possession of the premises which the container or containers serve.
(Ord. 216, Sec. 14:15; Code 2000)