There is hereby established the office of city attorney. No person shall be eligible for the office of city attorney who is not an attorney at law admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of the State of Kansas. The city attorney shall be charged with the general direction and supervision of the legal affairs of the city. The city attorney shall:
   (a)   Attend meetings of the city council when so directed to attend by the council;
   (b)   Advise the city council and all officers of the city upon such legal questions affecting the city and its offices as may be submitted to him or her;
   (c)   When requested by the city council, give opinions in writing upon any such questions;
   (d)   Draft such ordinances, contracts, leases, easements, conveyances and other instruments in writing as may be submitted to him or her in the regular transaction of affairs of the city;
   (e)   Approve all ordinances of the city as to form and legality;
   (f)   Attend planning commission and board of zoning appeals meetings when so directed by the boards;
   (g)   Appear and prosecute all violations of city ordinances in municipal court when his or her services shall be required;
   (h)   Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the governing body and the Kansas statutes. (Ord. 129; Code 2000)